Nursing Necklace

Benefits of a Nursing Necklace (Teething Necklace)
I've been breastfeeding for 9 months strong and Austin is such a go-getter & active little guy! If it's not right before nap time there is no way he has time to eat! Many moms know that little ones love to explore their surroundings non-stop, including while nursing. Add some teeth in the mix and ouchie!
Chewable Charm Teething Necklaces double as a Nursing Necklace and are worn by mom while breast feeding. They are a great distraction from all the other mind-blowing things going on in the room…."did you check out that light switch?.…oh a ceiling fan!”. It gives baby something entertaining to look at and twiddle with while nursing.
Chewable Charm necklaces have contrasting colors ranging from brights to neutrals and many different shapes for their little fingers to explore. Nursing Necklaces are just as useful for bottle fed babies. Some other cool benefits of a Nursing Necklace are they help prevent hair pulling and fidgeting as well as provide visual and tactile stimulation. Sounds good to me!
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