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Baby Wearing Essentials 

I'm obsessed with babywearing. 2 reasons why:

1. Its SO easy to be hands free while your little babe is snuggly secured on to you.

2. My son, Austin, is not a little cuddle bug and putting him in the baby carrier forces him to hug me for along period of time. 

Yes I know those were selfish reasons, but I swear he LOVES being in the baby carrier, whether facing inward, outward or on my back, he's so content and loving every second. Here are a few of my baby wearing essentials!


From the left going across:

1. Adorable LB Brand Protector Lover Mother Tee. Find it here

2. Chewable Charm Teething Necklace to keep babies mouth and fingers entertained. They love to hold on to this while in the carrier! Featured is our Hudson Gray, find it here. 

3. Zara Denim Jeans. They are so stretchy and comfy, great if you're still in between sizes. Find them here

4. Ergo 360 Baby Carrier. This is by far my favorite carrier, I've tried out a few. The Ergo 360 can position the baby 4 different ways very comfortably and it is easy to get on and off on your own. Find it here

5. Covered Goods Nursing Covers. These are lightweight and provide all around coverage if you are out in public and need to breastfeed. After much practice I've mastered breastfeeding in the baby carrier and these nursing covers come in handy for those moments. These stylish nursing covers can be used as a scarf and a car seat cover as well! Find them here. 

Chewable Charm Teething Necklaces Featured on The Mom's View

Have you heard of The Mom's View? It's the # 1 Mom Channel on YouTube and it's my new obsession. They are the cutest and I've learned some great tips from them on all things motherhood.  They share videos about their lives and the issues that matter most to women. We were so thrilled to be featured on their recent video of Angel's surprise baby shower! You can check out Chewable Charm Teething Necklaces & Bracelets making an appearance along with some other amazing baby products here.



Click here to watch! 

Audrina Mint 3 in 1

Have you guys seen our Audrina 3 in 1? It'a unique little 3 piece layering Teething Necklace that can be worn a variety of ways. You can wear 1  or 2 or all 3 strands at the same time! It's fun for big kids that want to match momma. The single strand is the perfect size for little ladies and since the beads are BPA, PVC, Latex, phthalate and lead free you can feel safe knowing they can slobber all over them. Our necklaces are dishwasher safe and after a few uses jut toss them in the dishwasher and hang dry, easy as that! Thank you All things Inspired for featuring our product and sharing your photos. If you're looking for a fun blog to follow, check them out here




Teething Baby Survival Guide

It seems like after my little guy turned 6 months there are hardly ever moments that he isn't teething! I swear... 2 evil monsters finally pop out... we get schedules and nights back on track, but then oh wait,  here come 2 more. It can be really hard on both baby and momma.

Here are our top picks for getting though those terrible teething times. Another lifesaver to get us through the nights has been Tylenol. Lately our little guy hates those plastic syringe droppers, one trick that worked for us is putting the Tylenol dose in a bottle add a tiny bit of breastmilk or water to it and down it goes.


Teething Baby Survival Guide



1. Chewable Charm Teething Necklace- Featured here is our Hudson Gray Ok this ones a survival essential for both momma and baby! Also try putting necklace in the freezer first!

2. Camilia Drops on the gums before naps or bedtime

3. Vulli Sophie Teether. Sophie is everywhere and for good reason. The shape is great because no matter how baby holds her there is something to chew on.

4. Sassy Grapes Terry Cloth Teether. This has been a lifesaver, you put this terry cloth in the freezer and the different textures and cold terry cloth really helps numb sore gums before naps or eating.

5. Aden + Anais Muslin Cloth Bib These are lightweight and perfect for drool catching.

6. Wooden iphone Teether from 3 Princesses. The shape of this is perfect and car and stroller rides wouldn't be the same without it

Featured in Coffee+Crumbs Holiday Gift Guide

We were so very excited to be featured in Coffee+Crumbs Holiday gift guide for ladies. And yes, we agree that a Chewable Charm Teething Necklace should be on every new moms need list! Christmas may be over, but our Coffee+Crumbs discount code is still available for 15% your Chewable Charm purchase! (See code by clicking link above)  If you're looking for some great ideas on how to spend some Christmas money check out our Teething Necklaces and Teething Bracelets. Featured here is our Hudson-Mint. We also LOVE all the other items featured on this list!

We hope all mommas out there that received Chewable Charm jewelry as a Christmas gift love it and getting lots of use already! We sent orders all over the US and gift wrapped & hand wrote many touching personal notes for those that couldn't be with your loved ones on Christmas. We thank you so much for thinking of us for gift giving!

Check out and follow Coffee+Crumbs my favorite blog about all things motherhood. Promise you'll love it.




Nursing Necklace

Benefits of a Nursing Necklace (Teething Necklace)
I've been breastfeeding for 9 months strong and Austin is such a go-getter & active little guy! If it's not right before nap time there is no way he has time to eat! Many moms know that little ones love to explore their surroundings non-stop, including while nursing. Add some teeth in the mix and ouchie!
Chewable Charm Teething Necklaces double as a Nursing Necklace and are worn by mom while breast feeding. They are a great distraction from all the other mind-blowing things going on in the room…."did you check out that light switch?.…oh a ceiling fan!”. It gives baby something entertaining to look at and twiddle with while nursing.
Chewable Charm necklaces have contrasting colors ranging from brights to neutrals and many different shapes for their little fingers to explore. Nursing Necklaces are just as useful for bottle fed babies. Some other cool benefits of a Nursing Necklace are they help prevent hair pulling and fidgeting as well as provide visual and tactile stimulation. Sounds good to me!
Check out our Teething Necklaces and pick out one you and your baby will love!

December 02, 2014 by Rachel Fisher