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  • Baby Wearing Essentials 

    I'm obsessed with babywearing. 2 reasons why: 1. Its SO easy to be hands free while your little babe is snuggly secured on to you. 2. My son, Austin, is not a little cuddle bug and putting him in the baby carrier forces him to hug me for along period of time.  Yes I know those were selfish rea... View Post
  • Have you heard of The Mom's View? It's the # 1 Mom Channel on YouTube and it's my new obsession. They are the cutest and I've learned some great tips from them on all things motherhood.  They share videos about their lives and the issues that matter most to women. We were so thrilled to be featur... View Post
  • Audrina Mint 3 in 1

    Have you guys seen our Audrina 3 in 1? It'a unique little 3 piece layering Teething Necklace that can be worn a variety of ways. You can wear 1  or 2 or all 3 strands at the same time! It's fun for big kids that want to match momma. The single strand is the perfect size for little ladies and sinc... View Post