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Shop Share | Life in Play ToteSavvy

Hi mommas! So happy for this Shop Share today!! I've been working with this momma and she is so so sweet and another Bay Area local!

I fell in love with this product, it's so genius! The ToteSavvy is an organized stylish insert that makes any purse an instant diaper bag!

There are many diaper bag options but the reality is that for 2 or 3 years you need some sort of bag that can organize and separate all you need for a baby and toddler. ToteSavvy is the handbag organizer that makes life easier by neatly holding essentials inside a highly functional insert held inside your choice of handbag. You can also change your diaper bag as often as you change your purse!


It can also be used for the gym, the beach, the pool where you find yourself needing to grab a bunch of items!



Our little guy Austin is almost 2 so below are some of our diaper essentials in this picture below. Click links for other shop details.


Sippy Cup- Zoli
Toy Blocks- Little Sapling Toys
Knit Stuffed Animal Cat- Blabla Kids
Pacifier Clip- Loved by Sophia Claire
January 08, 2016 by Rachel Fisher

Shop Share | Covered Goods

Hi mommas! We are starting something new over here and I’m so happy about our first product to share with you all!

We wanted to start our series of small shop brand shares because this small shop world has been so very kind to us and I love to shout to the roof tops about all these mom and family run businesses. 

 First up is my absolute favorite multipurpose baby product Covered Goods!

It is seriously genius! It can be used for a nursing cover, car seat cover, shopping cart cover, high chair cover, scarf, blanket and I’m sure a whole lot more. With Austin being 16 months old now we recently have been using it more for our go to shopping cart cover and I love how light and easy it is to use for all store carts.  It is very lightweight and stretchy so it is easy to hold baby in one arm and throw over the shopping cart with the other hand. No need to tie or velcro any strings together to keep it on the cart. It also has a full coverage (same full coverage when using as a nursing cover) which is great because alot of shopping cart covers do not cover the sides. The simple and trendy designs are so cute and gender neutral. I literally get asked at almost every store I’m in what brand our cart cover is and I’m always so happy to promote this mom run business Covered Goods

Here's me and my little Austin succulent shopping with our Covered Goods. Click link to view their shop! 

July 14, 2015 by Rachel Fisher